High-Density Wireless Test

WCIT Wireless Test
Check out this great shot of the Wharton High-Density Wireless Test captured by Kendall Whitehouse

With the proliferation of wireless devices, universities need to ensure that wireless networks continue to meet increasing bandwidth demands.  In order to meet these demands at Wharton, Wharton Computing has begun the process of upgrading the wireless access in several buildings – a process that includes adding additional access points in combination with some configuration changes to achieve high-density coverage.

Last week, Wharton Computing employees gathered to put some of these AirPennNet changes to the test.  We met in SHDH well-equipped with a barrage of wireless devices in hand from iPads to laptops to an array of mobile phones all connecting to AirPennNet.  It was interesting looking around the crowded room and watching colleagues surf YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Hulu and other websites you wouldn’t typically see during work hours – all in the name of pushing the limits of the network.

The large showing from Wharton Computing staff was essential to the project and allowed the team in charge to obtain invaluable data.  The results of the test will be shared in the near future.

This post originally appeared on the Wharton Computing Student Experience blog.