Wharton | San Francisco features all digital HD classrooms

Wharton | San Francisco is moving to historic Hills Plaza building in January 2012, as noted by the Wall Street Journal. Not only will this move result in more space for teaching, but it gives us the opportunity to install all new technology in the entire facility.

The all digital HD classrooms (see the rendering above) are designed with the future in mind; they can be upgraded with the latest and greatest audio/video equipment with very little downtime. Deirdre Woods, our CIO, told the Daily Pennsylvanian that “One of the advantages of having two campuses is that we can test technologies in the West Coast that we will then bring back [to] Philadelphia classrooms.”

Both campuses will be linked through HD teleconferencing, and technology in the group study rooms will be enhanced to further enable collaboration.

To see more renderings of the space, and pictures of the Hills Plaza Building, check out this slideshow.