Courseware Spotlight: Jayson Verdibello

By Neil McGarry

We work with some pretty great people. That’s why we’ve decided to devote some space to them. This “Courseware Spotlight” is the first in an occasional series. 

jay on street with guitarWhat is your name and role at Wharton?
I’m Jayson Verdibello and I’m a Sr. IT Project Leader. I assume the role of product owner for certain Wharton-built web applications. I also help out with end-user support for faculty, staff, and PhDs with my colleagues in the Huntsman Service Desk. I’ve been here for five years and it’s absolutely flown by.

Are you working on any special project you’d like to talk about?
I’m currently working with our incredibly talented development team on refreshing and updating the Instruction Center application. We’re also working on integrating it more and more into Canvas. The hope is to increase transparency and communication between the people that use Instruction Center and the people that build and maintain it. This is a truly underrated aspect of product development, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to prioritize it!

Are you native to this area?
I’m actually from a small town called Waterford. It’s in between Albany and Saratoga in Upstate NY. That said, I’ve been a Philadelphian since 2003 and have no plans to leave.

Tell us something that might surprise us.
I fenced saber in high school for a few years. Then, I picked it back up for a little bit in my 20s because my high school coach coincidentally moved here from my hometown!

What do you enjoy doing outside Wharton?
I love making music and singing. I’m constantly trying to learn new instruments or to make new sounds with the ones I already know how to play. I’m also in a band called goodnight/goodluck – you can hear us on Spotify.  And you can probably find me at a few of the karaoke hot spots around the city.

Otherwise, I’m playing D&D, reading, watching sports, or taking classes at Penn.

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