Cisco Connected Classroom


Technically, the students on Wharton’s Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses are separated by three-thousand miles — but not technologically. The Cisco Connected Classroom allows them to feel as though they are learning and interacting in the same place, via floor-to-ceiling front and rear projection screens and 80-inch side-wall LED monitors. From a professor’s viewpoint, students on the opposite coast appear to be seated in rows directly behind local students; in turn, remote students see the professor projected in high definition right in front of them.

While modern educational institutions have been on the cutting-edge of connected-classroom technology for years, Wharton’s initiative has taken it to a whole new level by using life-size visual communications — based on Cisco TelePresence® technology — to virtually connect physically separated lecture rooms. In effect, the Cisco Connected Classroom allows for bicoastal courses wherein students, regardless of location, can collaborate and participate as if they are in the same room as one another and their professor.

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