Any device on which you receive Wharton email will need to be reconfigured for PennO365. The good news is that it is a fairly simple procedure, and we have documentation that shows you how to do it:

PC and Macs
Mobile devices


Your PennO365 account is your login for your email and calendar information on PennO365. It is your PennKey + “”

This account does not replace your Wharton email address. That remains the same.

Keep in mind that your PennO365 account is different from your PennKey or Wharton accounts. Read more about your PennO365 account.

What's PennO365?

PennO365 is a collaboration platform offering email, calendaring, and other tools to faculty and staff of participating Schools and Centers at the University (Wharton is participating).

It is based on Microsoft’s cloud service called Office 365.

What are the main benefits of PennO365?

Here are a few benefits that we think you’ll enjoy:

  • 50GB Inbox Quotas – That’s 10 times more than your current quota!
  • Vastly improved SPAM filtering – You’ll like this a lot.
  • Install the latest version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 personal devices

Is my email address changing?

No. Your Wharton email address is not changing, though you will need a PennO365 account to log into your email account.

Does PennO365 offer webmail?

Yes, the URL for Outlook on the Web is:

Can I configure my laptop/desktop/mobile device myself?

We encourage you to do just that!

Full directions for configuring Outlook, and your PennO365 account, on a variety of devices (PCs, Macs, mobile devices) are available.

It is very easy to do, but remember you can log into Outlook on the Web with zero configuration required.

If you run into trouble, you should feel free to reach out to your departmental rep.

If you aren’t sure who your rep is please consult either the Faculty or Staff list: