Navigating the Accessibility Toolkit

Boldly Going Online: Navigating the Accessibility Toolkit

This content coordinates with “Navigating the Accessibility Toolkit” – a presentation by Becky Moulder & Valentine S. King first given at Instructure’s annual conference.¬†InstructureCon 2024 was located in Las Vegas, NV, on the ancestral territories and homelands of the Nuwu, Southern Paiute people. We welcome you to learn more about the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. We hope you enjoy the following content and resources.

Planning – Save Time

In addition to the two generative AI prompts we provide on creating an advocacy plan and drafting an accessibility plan- there are other strategies to saving time with accessibility work.

  • Use for transcription as a starting point for accurate transcripts
  • Use a GPT to test the accessibility of assignments

Generative AI Prompts

Draft an Advocacy Plan

How can we effectively gain support and secure funding from university leaders within 6-9 months to promote and implement an accessibility plan at ______. 

Please outline specific steps and strategies, including: engaging stakeholders, presenting a compelling case, and identifying potential funding sources.

Draft an Accessibility Plan

Please help me create a comprehensive accessibility plan for _____ with a clear rationale, detailed implementation steps, and a 3-5 year timeline. 

The plan should be tailored to engage stakeholders, such as administration and department heads. Include specific actions to be taken, key milestones, and strategies to ensure ongoing support and funding.


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