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Public Technology provides services in our buildings for the entire Wharton and Penn communities.  On average we perform 2300 recordings and work on 36,000 events per year.  We encourage early planning and technology training to engender success.  All technology in the rooms is available from the Wharton lectern to anyone who is Wharton Affiliated.  Fees are applied for non-Wharton events and for certain services.  All requests for service should go through our technology form after which you will be contacted by a representative from our team.

In-Room Event Support

Services Hourly Rates
 Computer / Video Projection in Classrooms  $50.00
 Computer / Video Projection in Colloquia and JMHH Auditorium  $80.00
 Technician Rate  Varies

Standard in-room support
Technician to assist with set-up 15 minutes prior to event start time, Projection of data source(s) – eg. in-room PC, use of one lectern and one lavalier microphone.  This is included with in-room usage fees.  (Service not available outside support hours)

Mid event Check-in
Technician to assist with set-up 15 minutes prior to event start time and return at a designated time to provide additional assistance, Projection of data (eg. In-room PC) or video source, use of one lectern and one lavalier microphone. (For events 4 hours or more). This is included with in-room usage fees. (Service not available outside support hours)

Dedicated Operator (two-week advanced notice)
Technician to arrive minimum of 30 minutes prior and stay for the duration or an extended portion of the event.  Minimum hours for this service vary by vendor.  Projection of data (eg. In-room PC) or video source, use of one lectern and one lavalier microphone.  Hourly technician fees will apply.  See our policies page for more information.

Self-Support for Guests with Laptops
Non-Wharton guests with a laptop can use the guest button on the touch panel to set up center projection of their laptop content.  In-room usage fees still apply.

Please review our policies page for additional information

Video Recording

Services   Hourly Rate
 In-room recording system  $0.00
 Operated Recording  $150.00

Data = presentation materials – eg. powerpoint slides, browser, document camera


Using in-room rear camera, capture static wide shot of presenter.

Record your presentation materials with audio.

Presenter with Data
Using in-room camera capture static wide shot of presenter in one window and and up to two data sources for display in a second window.  Number of data sources depends on the room.

Camera Operator
Technician to arrive minimum of 30 minutes prior and record with a stand alone camera. Two hour minimum.  A consultation is required.

Camera Operator with Data Capture
Camera Operated video shot in one window and up to two data sources for display in a second window.  Number of data sources depends on the room.  A consultation is required.

Price listed above does not include video editing.

**Last minute recording requests are not guaranteed. Our backend systems rely on information from the room schedule as well so last minute room reservations further reduce your chances of a successful recording.**

***All class recordings are made available via Canvas.  All non-academic recordings are made available via a download.***

Audio Conferencing

Service Hourly Rate
Audio Conferencing (in classroom) No technology charge.

Audio conference systems are part of the in-room technology in Wharton’s classrooms and event spaces.  We can accommodate audio conferences in other locations using our mobile equipment – an equipment charge will be assessed.

You can have one remote party dial into the codec for a two-party conference.  If you have more than two parties in the conference, however, you will need to set-up an outside conference line.  The university has approved vendors that you can work with.

All classroom audioconference systems are set to campus dial only; therefore you will need to dial “9” to call out.

If you are conferencing with one location only and they will be dialing in, please contact Public Technology via email so that we can provide you with the relevant dial-in phone number for the room where your audio conference will take place. Be sure to confirm the assigned room in your request.

Audio conferencing is increasingly handled through software conferencing solutions like SKYPE and Bluejeans where additional services like document sharing are integrated.  We can assist with both software and hardware based solutions. 

Video Conferencing

Service Hourly Rate
IP Videoconferencing  $0.00
Web Conferencing  $0.00

We use Blue Jeans software as a standard for video & web conferencing, though our rooms are also set up for Skype use. We have installed Polycom codecs for use in select rooms, as well. We are also capable of HD videoconferencing and limited Telepresence. Although our videoconferencing solutions are provided at no charge, projection and technician charges may still apply.

Hardware Based IP Videoconferencing

We have a limited number of IP based videoconference codecs at our disposal.  Some are installed in a classroom, while the others remain a part of our mobile inventory.  These are available for set-up in spaces that are void of technology but have power and network connections in the wall. 

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing utilizes the video and audio signals running through the in-room PC to feed online conferencing and communication applications like SKYPE and Bluejeans.  Other applications are compatible but are not guaranteed without a consultation and testing with us in advance.  Web conferencing provides a fast, simple and in most cases inexpensive conferencing solution.  Web conferencing gives you the means to accommodate your remote participants and provide multiple communication and data sharing options.  A consultation with us is required before we can confirm the overall service.

Please review our policies page for additional information.

Live Stream/Simulcast

Service Hourly Rate
 Basic Live Stream Projection rates may apply
Simulcast Projection rates may apply

Basic Live Stream

Live streaming  is a one way video and audio transmission.  It adds value to conferences and special events that are timely in nature.

We have more than one streaming solution and they offer different feature sets.  It’s best to contact us as far in advance as you can, but at least two weeks out, so we can review your specific requirements and recommend the best option.

More complex live streaming solutions are offered through the Production Team. Their services are fully outlined on their page.

Wharton Production


A simulcast is a one way video and audio transmission for up to three overflow locations.  This is part of a local solution to audiences that exceed the physical space allotted.  Our standard simulcast solution does not carry a charge; however, projection and technician charges may apply. This option still requires advanced planning to ensure sufficient overflow spaces and available technician time.  You will need to coordinate with the Scheduling and Facilities department on reserving the additional rooms.

Portable Loan Equipment

Portable / Loan Equipment Daily Rate
 Microphone, tabletop  $35.00
 Microphone, wireless handheld  $35.00
 Microphone, wireless lavalier  $35.00
 Speakerphone (analog)  $45.00
 Document Camera  $60.00
 Camcorder (HDD) Available for academic class use only  N/A
 Speaker (Portable PA)  $95.00
 Videoconference unit (available to Wharton Computing staff only)  N/A

This is a list of all the portable equipment available for use with classes and special events but these are not all loanable.  Loanable equipment is highlighted.  In your event planning discussions with us, we will run through your options and outline a technology solution that best fits your technology needs.

*We set-up additional microphones in our larger classrooms and event spaces only.  They include: Colloquium Hall, Colloquium Room, Ambani Auditorium, JMHH F95, JMHH F85, JMHH G60, SHDH 350, SHDH 351, LFH 105.

Please review our policies page for additional information.

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