Technology Spaces

Technology varies among Wharton’s spaces depending on how they are utilized.  The Group study rooms, specifically designed for collaborative study, are equippd with a large display with resident computer, solstice for content sharing and built-in cameras for virtual participants.   Classrooms and event spaces, on the other hand, are used to satisfy many more use case scenarios, thus they have a wide array of technlogy options available to the school community.   Although there is variability between them, we have standardized the infrastructure as much as possible.  As a result there is a base level of technology available in every classroom:

  • Lectern with monitor and resident PC
  • Audiovisual control interface
  • Data and video display
  • Laptop connection options
  • Lectern microphone
  • Lapel microphone
  • Wireless mouse
  • audio and video conferencing
  • video recording

There is some variety among the rooms and more limited features available in some conference spaces.  Please review individual rooms to see the features available there.

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