As a Wharton faculty member, you don’t have time to worry about a classroom’s technological capabilities or whether they’re going to work. Wharton Computing is dedicated to making technology a teaching tool, not a hinderance. From our Academic Reps, who are stationed within every department and serve as expert troubleshooters, to our Classroom Technology team, dedicated to making Wharton’s learning spaces powerful and easy to use, Wharton Computing enables you to focus on what really matters: teaching and research.

Classroom Technology

Our Public Technology group is responsible for all of the technology found in public spaces across Wharton’s complex, including classrooms, labs, and lecture halls. Staff members are more than happy to train you in the various aspects of classroom technology use of the technology, as well as support educational events and loan out equipment.


Wharton has a number of resources available to help you with faculty research, primarily through our Research IT team – available to perform data analysis and collection or provide technical consultations.

In addition, Wharton’s High-Performance Computing Cluster has 20 nodes and 320 cores on hand to help crunch your big data. And, of course, all Wharton Faculty members have access to WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services), with its vast amount of financial data pools and tools.

Inside Wharton

Inside Wharton is a comprehensive bank of Wharton-related information and resources. Of particular note is Faculty Tools, a page with links to nearly everything a faculty member may need, including contact information for departmental Support Representatives.

Classroom Technology

M-Sat: 7am – 7pm ET
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