Research Computing


Wharton Computing’s Research IT team supports, enhances and extends the School’s ongoing creation and dissemination of relevant business knowledge and research by ensuring cross-campus access to state-of-the-art technologies befitting a world-class educational institution. The team primarily focuses on:

  • Data Analysis (e.g., high-performance computing, cloud bursting, analytical tools)
  • Data Collection (e.g., Web scraping, dataset acquisition, Wharton Behavioral Lab experiments, Qualtrics/mTurk integration)
  • Technical Consulting (e.g., code optimization, elastic architectures, research programming)

High Performance Computing

The Wharton School HPC Cluster is a 20-node, 320-core Linux high-performance cluster environment designed to support the school’s academic research mission. It is managed collaboratively by Wharton Computing’s Research & Innovation and Core Services teams.

Wharton’s HPC Cluster (HPCC) provides access to advanced computational research hardware and software for Wharton faculty, faculty collaborators and research assistants, and Wharton doctoral students. It is designed for simple and parallel processing across a large set of tightly integrated hardware with dedicated networking and storage.

Need to scale beyond our on-campus resources? Work in an isolated environment? Control your own services and costs? Cloud HPC resources may be for you. Contact the Research and Innovation team for more information.

Research Computing Support

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