General Policies


Limited support for Weekend and Evening events

Evening and weekend events are required to hire a dedicated operator or obtain training from us on managing the room technology for themselves. The complexity of your event needs and your comfort level with the technology will dictate which is more appropriate for your event. A consultation with us is required.

Penn events need Wharton logins

Penn events that fall outside our business hours will need to request a Wharton login from the Wharton accounts team in order to use our touch panels whether they get training from us or hire a technician. There is no added charge for this. The Wharton accounts team can be reached at or 215-898-8600.

Last minute Requests

We often cannot accommodate last minute requests due to limited staff availability and resources.  It is a best practice to plan your event needs far in advance. We take requests months in advance, as long as your space is already confirmed. If you do not have a space as yet, we still encourage you to review your event plans with us so we can advise you of your options.

Dedicated Operator Considerations

We maintain connections with several vendors who provide technician coverage when an event requires it, but technicians proficient in the installed technology in our spaces are in high demand so the more notice we have to book them the better.

We require two weeks advanced notice for all technician requests where a technician is needed for an ongoing portion or the duration of an event.

All requests for technician coverage may incur up to 4 hours of additional training time. The total amount you can expect to pay depends on your event time, technician availability and the specific vendor rate.  The requirement for training is often tied to the amount of notice given so advanced planning is highly recommended.  Two weeks is the minimum amount of time, but does not necessarily eliminate a need for training.

We require an agenda before we can reserve a technician.  If you don’t have an agenda as yet, we can still place the request as long as we have the specific start and end times of your event or desired coverage time. This is not the same thing as your room start and end times.  We need the program start and end times and your desired preset or call time in order to place a reservation on your behalf.

We will let you know within a few of days of your request whether additional training is required for your technician and how many hours at which time you can determine whether you would like to proceed with the reservation.

These policies apply to Dedicated Operator requests that come through our office.  They do not apply in situations where you will be getting support from your Wharton Computing representative or where you have hired a technician independent of us.  In cases where you have hired your own technician we still urge you to secure them in advance and bring them in for a training with our classroom support staff prior to your event.  Those trainings can be requested through our online form.

Alternatives to hiring a dedicated operator

Training: In lieu of hiring a technician, you can opt to be trained yourself or have someone else on your staff be trained to act as your technician.

Mid-event Check-in:If your event occurs during our regular business hours and is a minimum of four hours long you can request a Mid-event Check-in. This service includes a standard set-up and one complimentary check-in by one of our classroom support technicians.  This means that we can get you setup just before the start of your event with your requested technology needs such as powerpoint display, a laptop set-up, or microphones, and we can come back in the middle of your event during a break to make any adjustments you may require at that time.  Each visit allows for a maximum of 15 minutes.  This services also depends on technician availability so advance notice is still required.


Limited evening and weekend set-ups

Depending on the time and scope of your event requirements, we may not be able to accommodate them.  A consultation is required to assess your needs.

No set-ups outside of Wharton’s buildings

If your event is taking place elsewhere on Penn’s campus or beyond you will need to work with an alternate vendor for your equipment needs.

No outdoor set-ups

We do not maintain the type of gear necessary for outdoor set-ups.

Spaces without installed technology

In spaces with no technology installed, we can provide the use of a PA and a microphone.  More comprehensive set-up requests should be directed to alternate vendors.


We make every effort to keep two labs open for general student use at all times.   The only exceptions to this are if a for-credit course requires use of a lab.

With the exception of credit courses, exams and review sessions, all labs are reserved for general student use during reading days and final exam periods.

Reservation Process

To reserve a lab you need to log into and complete our online lab reservation form. The form requires Pennkey authentication. If you do not have a Pennkey, this indicates you are not Penn affiliated and will be unable to request space.

All lab requests must be submitted a minimum of one week in advance of the event date.  Requests for events that require software installation must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance.  Software installation requests require a valid software license and must be evaluated by the labs team for compatibility with the existing lab machine build.   Space is confirmed after the software installation is approved.

All lab reservations, with the exception of academic classes and exams, require a budget code regardless of billable status.

Non-Penn guests and Wharton Logins

Contacts for events that will include non-Penn guests and take place outside of normal building hours (this includes limited entry times as noted) must supply the Wharton Operations department with a guest list or their guests will not be permitted past security.  Please work closely with Wharton Operations to make sure you are compliant with their policies.

Contacts that need Wharton logins or Pennkeys for their non-Wharton participants must request this in advance.  Requests for a Wharton login received from individual participants will not be honored. Request for guest logins and Pennkeys should be emailed to

Wharton Student Club Events

Club events fall under Wharton non-credit courses and programs.   Events must be academic in nature. Undergraduate events are approved in conjunction with the Undergraduate Department and MBA events are approved in conjunction with the MBA Program Office.  The student requesting the space, must be present during the event and will be the point of contact for the event.  Only recognized Wharton student clubs can sponsor an event. Individual students are not permitted to reserve space in the Wharton Complex.


The client is responsible for any and all damages that occur as a result of the event including damages to the building, fixtures, equipment and personal property.  In the event we need to bill for damages, we require a University’s twenty-six (26) digit budget code in advance for all events except for credit courses and exams.

There is no eating or drinking allowed in the labs.