Wharton’s classrooms are designed for flexibility and fostering innovation. Compatible with the diverse teaching styles and ongoing curriculum developments at Wharton, our classrooms aren’t tied to one particular technology or style of teaching.

Faculty members can lecture, lead interactive case discussions, and launch multimedia learning simulations. Distance isn’t a problem, with video-conferencing included in each classroom, allowing interaction with classes held at Wharton’s campus in San Francisco or guest speakers from around the world. And, with the press of a button on the touch panel, faculty can record their classes. They can subsequently request the recorded sessions be made available on Canvas for access by their students. Recordings can be requested and scheduled in advance as well. Please see public technology’s page for more information.

Wharton classroom features include:

  • Cameras for videoconferencing, and recording/archiving of classroom sessions
  • Custom-designed Wharton Lectern with touch-screen controls
  • Dual video screens with projection equipment
  • The ability to easily make recorded sessions available to students and faculty.

For more information on the technical features of these spaces, click here.

Classroom Technology

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