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  • If you would like assistance setting up your exam, please schedule a consultation with the Courseware Team at least one week in advance of the exam date. Two weeks in advance is preferred.
  • While the Courseware Team does not build exam questions for teaching teams, we do provide support for a teaching team’s design and development of exams. A summary of our standard advice can be found in the Wharton Computing Knowledgebase.
  • To ensure that your students’ previously-declared exam accommodations in Canvas can be implemented successfully, please provide at least a business day of advance notice if you require help with that task. (Student accommodations, in general, involves several other University of Pennsylvania offices, each with their own process and timetable; our minimum 1-business-day guideline specifically covers IDEA Courseware assistance with the task of implementing accommodations in quiz and assignment settings.)

General Consultations

  • All general consultations, such as course design, technology onboarding, etc., are done by appointment only. To request an appointment, email with all pertinent details and multiple times when you are available to meet.
    • Currently, all consultations are being conducted virtually and not in-person.