Penn Key vs. Wharton Account: Understanding the Difference

You have several accounts that are used to log into different online services at Penn and Wharton. Your PennKey and Wharton username will always be the same but your passwords, as well as the way you log in, may be different. In a few cases, you may be required to log in using your pennkey AND the credentials: .  (This is not an email address that you can use, but rather a way of uniquely identifying you for services that require an email address to log in, such as PennO365).

The majority of online services at Penn now use your PennKey and PennKey password to log in. These include:

Staff and Faculty Resources:
•    Course materials (Canvas/Study.Net)
•    Library databases and resources
•    AirPennNet wireless network
•    Campus Express (PennCash, PennCard)
•    Virtual Meetings
•    Penn+Box
Student-Focused Resources:
•    SPIKE
•    Printing on campus (students only)
•    Public computers, workstations and group study rooms
•    PennInTouch (transcripts, tuition bill)

To change your PennKey password go to: (Your current PennKey password is required).

Your Wharton Account uses your Pennkey, and a separate Wharton-only password.  It is used for logging into Wharton-only sites that have not been converted to PennKey authentication.  These include:

  • Wharton Email Forwarding App

To change your Wharton account password go to: (Wharton Password required)

PennO365 uses the following:

  • as your login
  • A dedicated password which you set (separate from your PennKey or Wharton accounts)

To change your PennO365 password go here: (PennKey log in required).

If you run into trouble, you should feel free to reach out to your departmental strategic partner.

If you aren’t sure who that is, please consult either the Faculty or Staff list: